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M. E. Yoga Class

A gentle yoga class for less able people with M.E., other neurological or  similar conditions


 Day & Time

Thursdays 11.00am - 12.30pm

(see Dates Page for term dates)

Cost - £7.00

Place - Currently Online

Greenhead Park Community Room

(Room adjoins cafe opposite tennis courts)

Greenhead Park

Huddersfield HD1 4HS

The Class

This class started in September 2006, with the financial support of the Kirklees ME/CFS Support Group.  The participants are predominantly M.E. suffers (including the teacher).

The Gentle Approach

There are several differences between this and general yoga classes.

There are no standing postures, all postures are carried out lying or sitting on the floor.  Using a chair to sit on is also OK.

The approach is gentle with the participants deciding how much/ little they wish to do.  

Equipment is provided so participants don’t need to carry it to class.

Many postures are carried out are modified versions.


Mats and other yoga equipment are provided.


During the class the body will gently move in all directions so we advise wearing loose comfortable clothing.

As the body  temperature often drops during relaxation you will need warm clothing particularly socks.

If you feel tired

If you feel tired then stop and rest.  Resting using a yoga resting posture can be as beneficial as stretching.

If you wish you can sit or lie comfortably and watch the others, visualising yourself carrying out the postures.

You may wish to “switch off” and have extra relaxation.

By the time you have made the effort to come to the class you may need to rest for most or all of the class this is OK do what is best for you at that moment.

Do less than you may be capable of and keep some energy in reserve.

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